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14 July 2014

A new version of Archie (4.6) is now released, with new features, including:

  • Archie - Smartling integration: aligning editorial and publication processes between Archie and Smartling, an translation management system, to better support the work flow and publication processes of translations.

For the full details, see What's new

If you have comments or questions we'd like you to share them in the forum. Should you come across something that is clearly an error, please use the Archie Problem Reporting Form.

4 July 2014


The theme for this year’s #CochraneTech Symposium is “The Future of Review Production”. We’re now inviting proposals to present your review production tools. These will be demonstrated during our “Rapid Presentation on Tools” session, on Saturday 20 September in Hyderabad, preceding this year’s Cochrane Colloquium.

If you would like to submit a proposal to present on the day, please email Tom Cracknell from Cochrane IKMD at ...

1 July 2014

Help Desk

The official support email for all software and website related queries has now changed. Please direct all future enquiries to


Any emails forwarded to the old support addresses ( or will be redirected to


If you experience any issues with either Archie or RevMan, we recommend using the Problem Reporting Forms, rather than emailing directly. These forms can be found ...

19 June 2014

We have discovered a serious problem with the global find and mark links function in RevMan 5.3 (new to RevMan 5.3) that can cause sections of tables to be deleted. We have released an update (RevMan 5.3.2) to fix the bug. Please upgrade your RevMan version to this new update, and check your review if you have been using this feature with any other 5.3 version.

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