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29 October 2014

The Cochrane Informatics and Knowledge Management Department (IKMD) is pleased to announce that the planned upgrade of our development and testing servers is now complete. This upgrade provides us with a faster, more efficient, and more secure environment, supporting the development of IKMD projects.

You can find more information on some of Cochrane's software and IT projects here. Interested in joining more general #CochraneTech discussions? Join our Google+ Community. If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvements to Cochrane technology, submit them at, where you can also comment and vote on other user suggestions.

21 October 2014

The User Experience Group (UXG) was formed in early 2014, with the ambition to revolutionise technical development in Cochrane. At its heart, the UXG is about finding the best ways to make Cochrane software with a great user experience.

Jacob Riis, Cochrane’s User Experience Lead, submitted a poster for the Hyderabad Colloquium (21-26 September, 2014), which outlined the dynamics of the User Experience Group. We present this poster here for your information.

UXG Hyderabad Poster

Click on the image to download the PDF file

Jacob Riis, Jessica Thomas and Chris Mavergames (the co-authors) review the early work of the UXG, including it’s successes and potential shortcomings. There is additional content on:

  • How the UserVoice voting system works

  • How you can access Cochrane technical support...

October 17 2014#CochraneTech

The Hyderabad Colloquium marked the second annual #CochraneTech Symposium, an event Cochrane’s Editor-in-Chief, David Tovey, later dubbed a “complete fixture” of the Colloquium schedule, despite the Symposium only making its debut at Québec in 2013. This year’s Symposium included engaging plenaries, focussed and informative tool demonstrations, and a lively panel discussion, as well as valuable networking opportunities. The #CochraneTech Symposium is instrumental in exploring the intersection of people, process, and technology in evidence synthesis.

This year’s #CochraneTech focussed wholly on the future of review production. Discussion centered around issues that would impact on the development of a new unified system for Cochrane, which will incorporate all Cochrane tools, such as RevMan, ...

EditorialSeptember 21 2014

In preparation for the 2nd #CochraneTech Symposium, which took place on Saturday 20 September in Hyderabad, Julian Elliott took the lead in drafting an Editorial reviewing the successes of the inaugural #CochraneTech Symposium, held in Quebec City in 2013. Published on the eve of this year’s Symposium, the editorial reflects on the current state of systematic review production.  

You can read the Editorial here.

We’re really pleased with how this year’s event went and...

16 September 2014

The Cochrane Informatics and Knowledge Management Department (IKMD) are proudly hosting our second all-day #CochraneTech Symposium on 20 September 2014 in Hyderabad, India. We’re delighted to say we’ve sold out this year, and reached full capacity at the venue. However, if you weren’t quick enough in registering, or aren’t able to make the journey to Hyderabad, we’re glad to announce there are several ways you can still get involved and help shape the ‘Future of Review Production’.#CochraneTech Symposium 2014

Theme and naming the future: This year’s #CochraneTech theme will focus wholly on the future of review production. We will be further exploring opportunities for moving our software online,...

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