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These are the latest versions of the RevMan 5 documentation.

Note: A technical guide for installation and connection settings is in the Download section. A FAQ for RevMan is also available. 

Release of RevMan 5.1 and implications for Authors and Editorial Staff

You will find other updated support materials in the RevMan 5.1 Help menu, such as the Handbook, RevMan User Guide and tutorials.

Top Tips for Authors


There are two tutorials, one for Intervention Reviews, and one for Diagnostic Test Accuracy Reviews. Each tutorial is a self-training package that in a few hours will lead you through the basics of preparing a Cochrane review in RevMan. They are automatically installed with RevMan 5 and can be accessed from the Help menu.

The tutorial for Intervention Reviews is also available in Spanish:

The RevMan User Guide

The RevMan User Guide is utomatically installed with RevMan 5, and can be accessed from the Help menu.
You can also download it as a pdf file.

Introduction to RevMan 5

Webinars* presented by the Canadian Cochrane Network & Centre (note these webinars refer to RevMan 5.0).
Part 1 and Part 2.
* You might be requested to install Java on you computer

Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews

The latest version of the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions is available from the Cochrane Reviewers' Handbook webpage.

The Style Guide

The Style Guide is being continuously updated. The latest version is available from the Cochrane Style Guide webpage.

Diagnostic Test Accuracy Working Group

The Diagnostic Test Accuracy Working Group web pageprovides resources and information to all those involved in preparing Cochrane systematic reviews of the accuracy of diagnostic tests.

Reference Management files

Configuration files used for transferring references between RevMan and reference management software (both ways) can be downloaded from here.

Validation rules

See the rules used in review validation.

Standard Statistical Algorithms in Cochrane Reviews

Version 5 - by Jon Deeks and Julian Higgins(August 2010) on Behalf of the Statistical Methods Group of The Cochrane Collaboration.