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*** Please note this page is no longer being updated. We recommend you use the Systematic Review (SR) Toolbox resource, an up-to-date searchable online catalogue of tools to support SRs: http://systematicreviewtools.com ***

In addition to RevMan, a number of other software tools can be useful in the production of Cochrane reviews. This page aims to list the different software systems and present their key features to enable authors to make decisions about which platform suits their review and their needs best.

We strongly encourage feedback by other users and producers of the software tools to make this list as relevant and up-to-date as possible: Visit the forum to contribute feedback or ask questions. (Requires Archie Login - if you are not an Archie user you can also send your feedback to techsupport@cochrane.org)

For authors

GRADEpro (GRADE profiler)

The software used to create Summary of Findings (SoF) tables in Cochrane systematic reviews. Discuss in the forum.

Price: Free


Online application designed for screening and data extraction phases of systematic reviews. Discuss in the forum.

Price: $30/month for Cochrane authors.


Web-based software that manages references, stores PDF files and facilitates qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Price: £10/month/user, £35/month/review.

EROS (Early Review Organising Software)

Web-based software designed specifcially to perform the first stages of a systematic review. Discuss in the forums.

Price: Free.


Perform quality assessment, data extraction and final decisions to include and exclude studies online in real-time. Formerly known as ReGroup. Discuss in the forums.

Price: Free for one review, unlimited use is $20/month.

SRDR (Systematic Review Data Repository)

Web-based tool for the extraction and management of data for systematic review or meta-analysis. It is also an open and searchable archive of systematic reviews and their data.

Price: Free.

SUMARI (System for the Unified Management, Assessment and Review of Information)

Appraise and synthesise evidence of feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness and effectiveness. Conduct economic evaluations of activities and interventions. They encourage people to use RevMan for meta analysis of  RCTs, but it is useful for pooling other types of study designs.

Price: Free, but requires registering for training.


Rayyan enables rapid sifting of search citations and facilitates the sharing of decisions by review authors on studies to be included or excluded from their review. 

Price: Free. 

For CRGs

CRS (Cochrane Register of Studies)

The Cochrane Collaboration's database of Specialised Registers of healthcare studies and their reports. Discuss in the forum.

Price: Free

In development

ScreenToGoMobile App for citation sceeening. No website yet.

Uncertain status

  • RevBase