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New GRADEpro

GRADEpro has become a browser based programme that can be used online and offline. Please go to - you will be directed to the GRADEpro Guideline Development Tool, a suite of tools that includes GRADEpro to create Summary of Findings Tables. You can integrate your Summary of Findings Tables seamlessly in Revman. This functionality will be further improved with the developments in the Cochrane Tech arena and the development of training material.

Previous Versions

Previous versions of GRADEpro developed for Microsoft computers can be downloaded and used but are no longer supported.

Download GRADEpro 3.6

Note: GRADEpro requires that Microsoft® .NET Framework version 2.0 or higher is installed on your computer. During the installation GRADEpro will check if you have .NET Framework installed. If GRADEpro does not find an appropriate version of .NET Framework you will be prompted to install it.

You can download Microsoft® .NET Framework version 2.0 from Microsoft® Download Center.