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Review Manager (RevMan) is the software used for preparing and maintaining Cochrane Reviews.

You can use RevMan for protocols and full reviews. It is most useful when you have formulated the question for the review, and allows you to prepare the text, build the tables showing the characteristics of studies and the comparisons in the review, and add study data. It can perform meta-analyses and present the results graphically.

Together with Archie, RevMan forms the Cochrane Information Management System (IMS), which is designed to enable contributors to the Cochrane Collaboration to meet the demands of producing high quality systematic reviews of the evidence of the effects of healthcare and deliver these for publication in The Cochrane Library and elsewhere.

RevMan continues to be developed through an ongoing process of consultation with its users and if you have any suggestions for improvements, please let us know.

The latest major version, RevMan 5.3, was released on 13 June 2014.

Content available for RevMan

Among other things, in this section you can find the following information:

  • What's New - List of changes made in updates to RevMan 5
  • Wish List - Suggestions that have not yet been scheduled for implementation
  • Download RevMan
  • Documentation on how to use RevMan
  • FAQ - Check if your question has been already answered
  • Suggestion Form - Send suggestions for improving RevMan
  • Troubleshooting - Fill our problem reporting form
  • Updates  - To update RevMan to the latest version
  • Next Release - List of new features for next RevMan release
  • GRADEpro - The software used to create Summary of Findings tables in Cochrane systematic reviews